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6-6150 Hwy 7, Suite 143
Woodbridge, On.


iRide Motorcycles.  For Riders and Drivers.  iRide Motorcycles vinyl stickers, hats , shirts and more.  My other car is a motorcycle!


Learn More About Canadian Motorcycle Apparel | iRide Motorcycles

Learn more about iRide Motorcycles, the uniquely Canadian Motorcycle clothing and gear company.

Our Story

Out on the open road riding their motorcycles, the riding community recognizes one another and is able to appreciate their fellow riders for their free spiritedness. But when in a casual setting at a restaurant or at the local sports arena, it can be hard to identify those who have an affinity for riding culture, unless they have their motorcycle with them. It’s the reason that many are now seeking out high quality clothing that helps them state their love for motorcycles and for riding on the open road. Now, the company iRide Motorcycles is bringing the love of motorcycle culture into the apparel world with their exceptional line of clothing.

iRide Motorcycles is a company founded on the principle of unity that bring so many motorcyclists together across the communities in Canada. It’s a company that was created in Toronto in 2012, when founder Paul D. realized that he was seemingly the only motorcycle rider on the road one morning during his ride to work. He realized that there must be a way to bring motorcyclists together when they’re not on their bikes. And that’s when the idea for iRide Motorcycles was born.


Our name says it all, " I ride motorcycles ". It doesn't stereotype, or generalize.  It doesn't matter how old you are , what motorcycle you ride or once rode.   Riders have the same interest and a free spirit .  And that is what brings us together.

Enjoy the brand!